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Free admission to the museum on the first Sunday of the month in Paris

Museum France
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All the tips to get your free tickets to the museum…

Free admission to the museum

Free for children under 26 years old

Since April 4, 2009, museums and national monuments are free for people under 26 years old in the European Union.

Free entrance to national museums

34 national museums are open to the public free of charge every first weekend of the month.
The Paris tourist office gives you the periods during which the museums are open for free: every first weekend of the month, every day, every Wednesday evening…

Heritage Day

The 3rd weekend of September is the Heritage Day, launched in 1984. These days are a privileged moment allowing the French to visit their national heritage: museums, but not only (monuments, churches, theaters, castles, but also private residences, banks, courts, prefectures, courthouses, town halls, chambers of commerce, etc.).

The night of the museums

The Museum Night was first held in Berlin in 1997. Every year in May, some museums are open from sunset to 1am during the Museum Night. Usually free of charge.

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